Action-Sealtite Limited

Action-Sealtite Limited

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Action Sealtite Ltd are market leaders in the specification and supply of a large range of Couplings for use in the Chemical industry.

We are able to offer TODO Dry-Break Couplings, Dry Link, , Roman Seliger TR Series, Banjo Dry Mate Couplings, standard Industrial Breakaways, Cable Release, Marine, Flow Optimised Marine and Hygienic Breakaway Couplings. We can also offer Hose Loading Arms and Hose assemblies. Dry Break Coupling such as TODO or Dry Link should be used for loading and unloading of hazardous and or expensive chemicals, where no spillage can be accepted due to financial or environmental constraints.

When disconnecting the two halves of the fitting the valves close, eliminating spillage, protecting your personnel and the environment. Breakaway Couplings are designed to protect your fixed pipework, hose and operators, in the event of a mobile unit pulling away whilst still connected to the loading/unloading point, ships drifting apart during ship to ship or ship to shore transfers. In this event a valve shuts off in both halves of the coupling minimising spillage of hazardous or expensive liquids and Gases.

Hose Loading Arms are used to eliminate manual handling of heavy hose assemblies, they also prolong the life of the hoses, other benefits include • The level of physical stress to which employees are exposed is reduced • Adherence to the bending radius thanks to variable limit stops (no bends) • No torsional load on the hose line • No mechanical stress on the hose cover (abrasion) • No obstruction/risk of accidents due to a scattered hose line • No impermissible load on the hose line • Designed for single-operator manual control • All types of fittings can be integrated (Dry disconnect coupling, breakaway coupling) • Multiple hoses are possible for each SGA hose loading arm To discuss further the please visit us at Chem UK.