Applied Scientific Technologies

Applied Scientific Technologies

About this exhibitor

Applied Scientific Technologies (AST) is an emerging company founded by two directors, Garry Lofthouse and Lee Raywood in 2017 Stokesley, North Yorkshire.

They are innovative specialists in robotics, automated control systems and hardware integration into life and physical sciences, industrial, laboratory and medical applications.

AST was created to be aimed at the laboratory and digitalisation markets to help support their automation and digitalisation journey.

Our team have decades of knowledge in the field of automation and control experience.

Specialising in Laboratory 4.0, Digital Twins, IR4, Collaborative and Autonomous Robots, System Integration, Internet of Things (IoT), system integration, SILA and Artificial Intelligence.

AI use the emerging technologies of IR4 and apply them to a business once a full and thorough understanding of our clients challenges is understood.

These could be things such as Sustainability, Energy Usage,

Economy, Issues with Inspiring Solutions and many more. To solve these issues, we develop new future proof products, software and apps.