BLH Nobel VPG Systems UK Ltd

BLH Nobel VPG Systems UK Ltd

About this exhibitor

BLH Nobel, a VPG brand, is recognized as a leader in the field of industrial weighing & force measurement and is a turnkey supplier of systems and batching solutions for various industries. Whether used to weigh fractions of a gram or thousands of tons, our precision systems address every imaginable weight-processing need – from quality reactor vessels to ingredient storage bins & batching processes. We offer a complete program of instruments, transmitters and batching units. Our products are known for their reliability, user-friendliness, and ease of communication with customer networks. Because we design both load cells and instrumentation to customer requirements, we are able to offer complete solutions to your weighing & force needs.

Product Info:

  • KDH-5 – The KDH-5 weigh module combines high accuracy with a compact and robust mechanical arrangement. 

  • G5 Series — Modular process weighing instrumentation with extensive communication options