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Buckley Industrial Ltd

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WORLD LEADERS IN HOSE TESTING Buckley Industrial is a world leader in hose inspection and hose testing. This is an area that many companies are taking more seriously, as inspection and hose testing can substantially reduce the risk of accidents, leakages, unforeseen outages and environmental pollution. The company undertakes the manufacture, testing and supply of flexible hose assemblies and their associated components. We also make and supply industrial rubber products. HOSE ASSET MANAGEMENT & RFID TAGGING Buckley Industrial has a long history of Hose Asset Management.

We ensure that regular inspections are carried out and replace and test hoses when required. During 2017 and 2018, Buckley Industrial has been slowly building up a new database of hoses using bespoke Hose Asset Management web-based Software. RFID tagging technology has been around for some time. However, RFID has not been used with hoses in extreme environments on a consistent regular basis. Buckley Industrial has embarked upon a trial of ATEX approved Zone 1 RFID tags. The tags are designed to work with corrosive chemicals and when surrounded by Steel work that can shield the RFID signal QUALITY Buckley Industrial had previously been certified to ISO 9001:2008 and has taken its accreditation seriously, first accredited to ISO 9001 in October 2005.

With the implementation of the newer standard 2 years ago, the management took the decision to upgrade. Being a hose risk management focused company, the transition to the new more risk-based ISO 9001:2015 accreditation was a logical step.