Dangerous Goods Online Training Ltd

Dangerous Goods Online Training Ltd

About this exhibitor

DANGEROUS GOODS ONLINE Training Limited (DGOT) was founded in late 2019 and is the first and only training provider with UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval to provide online computer-based dangerous goods by air training courses for shippers, packers, freight forwarders and operators. For decades, CAA-approved dangerous goods by air training has been delivered in the classroom with a formal exam at the end. DGOT’s online computer-based course changed this and enables trainees to achieve exactly the same qualification using online training. Open public training courses with a focus on passing the examination will soon become a thing of the past.

How it works. Once you have selected your course you can book online via our shop. You can then access the course, repeat the modules as many times as you like and email or book appointments with our trainers to get one-to-one help if you get stuck. Some courses require an invigilated exam in order to attain certification and some can be completed and assessed entirely online. Additionally some courses require the use of an IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations book. If you don’t have one they can be bought or rented from us.

These are challenging courses which include interactive questions and completing real life shipper’s declarations and airline acceptance checklists. To ensure you are prepared for the invigilated exams an average mark of 80% must be achieved with the online modules before an invigilated exam can be booked hence some modules may need to be repeated in order to improve competence.