About this exhibitor

Industry Pumps for Liquid Transportation Reliability, productivity and performance.

These are precisely the areas addressed by our range of products, systems and services.

Value-added liquid transport solutions for local and global companies are our scope of supply.

DESMI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of internal gear pumps and specializes in industrial pumping solutions handling various liquids and applications.

In addition to the ROTAN® internal gear pumps DESMI also provides a range of centrifugal pumps characterised by high levels of efficiency and low NPSH values.

Our ROTAN® pumps for chemical applications are known for:

• 90° angular configuration
• Pumping in either direction
• Modular design
• Sturdy and uncomplicated construction with only two rotating parts and one shaft seal
• Comprehensive choice of configurations available as standard
• Genuine back pull-out design
• End clearance axial adjustment