Evides Industriewater B.V.

Evides Industriewater B.V.

About this exhibitor

Each day, our employees help to realize ingenious solutions in the field of process water, waste water and water re-use for the (petro)chemical, automotive, energy and food & beverage industries.

As part of Evides Waterbedrijf, the Dutch drinking water company, Evides Industriewater has been a reliable and inventive water partner for the industrial sector for nearly 50 years. Evides Industriewater supplies nearly 150 million m3 of process water each year (of which 20 million m3 via re-use solutions) and treats a similar quantity of waste water. These services are provided via 77 facilities, which are built, owned and operated by Evides Industriewater throughout North-West Europe.

Reliable and inventive solutions
We are able to guarantee the highest quality thanks to in-house knowledge about process technology, design and asset management. Evides Industriewater is not affiliated to any technology or equipment suppliers and selects proven solutions that create the perfect balance between reliability, quality, availability and cost effectiveness.

Water treatment – In-house expertise
We offer (waste) water treatment solutions that meet all your needs. And by combining knowledge gained when producing process water and treating waste water, Evides Industriewater is able to develop ingenious re-use business cases where energy and precious materials are extracted from waste water and effluent is used to produce high quality process water. All this is done to reduce the water footprint.

Water management – Core competence
Our proven water management solutions range from plant optimization support, using pilot studies and water scans, to whole lifecycle outsourcing contracts. These service contracts range from single customer DBFO business models to full scale multi-client solutions, which allow end users to benefit from the economies of scale provided by a single collective installation. All backed-up by a large fleet of mobile treatment installations.