Falck Fire Services UK Limited

Falck Fire Services UK Limited

About this exhibitor

Falck Fire Consulting Ltd (FFC), a member of the Falck Group, is the combination of two specialist fire protection consultancy practices, Resource Protection International (RPI) and Frontline Fire International. The company is an independent specialist consultancy providing Fire Hazard Management services worldwide in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sectors but also, increasingly, across a wide range of other high risk industrial and commercial facilities.

FFC pride themselves on having a practical approach to Fire Hazard Management combining academic and technical knowledge with practical experience.

The company has been operating for more than 25 years and has gained a unique position and reputation within the industry, on an international basis, and has a team of full time consultants comprising individuals with complementary expertise. The team’s experience and knowledge include; fire science, fire detection/protection systems’ engineering, fire protection/safety systems auditing, hazard assessment, major incident firefighting, system commissioning and training. The expertise in the team is supplemented by the use of associated consultants in specialist areas such as insurance or security issues. Thus, FFC can provide a balanced, independent analysis of all fire hazard management problems and offer practical solutions based on hands-on experience.

FFC is an ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company based in the UK and has office accommodation with the usual modern communication and computing facilities.  FFC have the standard Microsoft Office package of software as well as specialist fire/explosion modelling, firewater system hydraulic analysis and AutoCAD software.

FFC carry Professional Indemnity and other liability insurance specifically related to the oil/gas and petrochemical industry valid on a worldwide basis.

The scope of services provided by FFC include:

  • Major fire risk analysis/assessment
  • Development of Process Safety Management Systems
  • Design and project management for fire system installations
  • Development of fire and emergency planning strategies
  • Design of fire training grounds and training development
  • Aerodrome operations, training and consultancy services
  • Equipment appraisal and manufacturers acceptance tests
  • Preparation of site emergency response and evacuation plans
  • Development of fire and gas philosophies and system specifications
  • Specialist risk assessment and integration of HSE standards
  • Seminars and training in a variety of Fire Hazard Management topics
  • Development of company, industry and international standards on safety
  • Specialist advice on firefighting systems and usage
  • Emergency Response Plans development
  • Concept and Schematic design
  • Detail design development and co-ordination
  • 3D drawing capability
  • Tender drawings, specifications and documentation