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Falck Fire Services

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Since the inauguration of the company in 1906 our core business has been fire fighting, and we have now more than 100 years of experience as a fire service provider to both public authorities and industrial clients. Since 2006, Falck has been the leading international provider of industrial fire and rescue services for high-risk industries and airports. Today Falck Fire Services operates the world’s largest private fire fighting company and has developed many of the best practices used globally.

We are your trusted partner in fire services and you can rest assure that we will be taking care of your fire brigade in a responsible way. Industrial fire and rescue services Falck is the leading international provider of industrial fire and rescue services for airports and high-risk industries, including petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants, steel plants and automobile manufacturers. Falck provides high-quality services through outsourcing contracts tailored specifically to customer requirements.

Falck provides a high–quality, cost-effective integrated fire protection system, enabling customers to focus on their strategic goals and core competencies, while relying on the services provided by a dedicated emergency services provider and fire-fighting specialist. Industrial fire training For more than two decades, Falck has been offering training to emergency response teams for dealing with incidents in the industrial and public sectors. Every year, we train thousands of professional fire fighters from all over the world at our unique training centres, increasing their safety awareness levels.

Falck develops and delivers tailor-made industrial safety training. These tailor-made, theoretical training and practical scenarios are completely aligned with the wishes and needs of our customers. The fire training courses delivered by Falck, focus on all levels of incident organisations within both the public and the industrial sector.

Consulting services Falck is a provider of consulting services specialising in fire and explosion hazard management in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry such as refineries, terminals, storage tank farms, offshore and chemical production facilities, and to airports and other high risk industries. We offer our services worldwide and our consultants have experience of working with projects in more than 70 countries around the world. We are considered among the leading experts in fire and explosion management.