Fluorochem – Doug Discovery

Fluorochem – Doug Discovery

About this exhibitor

Fluorochem is the UK’s largest Independent Research Chemical Supplier, offering an extensive range of intermediates, reagents, building blocks and deuterated solvents, spanning over 16500 scaffold groups.

In order to help customers search our sizable catalogue, we launched the Doug Discovery platform. The website uses a novel method to search by functional and structural groups, reducing the time spent finding chemicals and therefore allowing the chemist to spend more time on research.

Fluorochem have recently established offices in Ireland and the Netherlands to overcome the challenges of Brexit enabling us to continue to supply our European customers in a timely manner.

Throughout the fifty-something years that Fluorochem has been around, research has always been at the core of its values. We know how important it is to maintain the supply-chain and do our best as a company to offer competitive prices, fast delivery and quality, friendly customer service. We pride ourselves on giving a professional service with a personal touch.