FT Pipeline Systems

FT Pipeline Systems

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FT Pipeline Systems is a leading supplier of water treatment products. This includes dual contained pipework for chemical dosing (flexible and rigid), along with catchpots and dosing pumps, hose fittings and clamps, and insulation and trace heating.

We are proud to offer the first leak detectable chemical dosing hose. Solutions are offered for all water treatment application requirements including chemical dosing, filtration, membrane technology and aeration. The following markets would benefit from our products: chemical water (potable, waste, industrial process) pharmaceutical (production, manufacture, distribution) manufacturing (production cooling lines, water distribution, effluent treatment).

FT Pipeline Systems has operated in the UK water market for over 30 years. In addition to water treatment solutions, we supply coated and lined steel pipes, field joint protection sleeves, pipe fittings and accessories, as well as gas control and processing products.

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