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Gautam Zen UK Ltd empowers the chemical industry with ​​Chemical Intelligence​ – an insight that we have gained with more than 2 decades of experience​, a business that was conceptualised by a visionary ​Late Dr Ray​, a ​polymer chemist​​.​

Our ​Global ​Chemical Supply Chain​ & Sourcing​ Solutions runs on our proprietary platform​ to deliver innovative, intelligent & accelerated solutions​. And in that, for the right growth and development, our focus is on eco-friendly​ green chemicals​​.​ ​

We are driving new alternative technology towards sustainable development through renewable bio-based products​ (biomaterials)​ thereby reducing carbon footprints. ​​​

Partnering with many global chemical manufacturers for strategic promotion of their products​ &​ identifying key markets​ in the ​​​Industry Segments we work on​: Asphalting ​Phenolic Resins Construction ​Chemicals Refractories Hydraulic Fluids Drilling Chemicals Activated Carbons Dyes Powder Metallurgy Friction.

We are able to bridge the evident gap and rapidly establish direct connections with key resources.​ ​

Register with us for a free consultation at or visit us at for more information.

A Proud Member of The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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