Gee Graphite Ltd

Gee Graphite Ltd

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Gee Graphite Ltd was founded in 1989 to offer customers a range of industrial gasket and sealing products based on expanded flexible graphite.

The business developed and expanded in its intended markets, supplying high quality sealing components to the industrial valve, aerospace, process equipment, chemical, metallurgical, electronic, power generation and other markets. It was through the difficulties posed in cutting composite graphite materials that a more radical and innovative approach had to be considered.

This led to setting up the new Water Jet Cutting division and installation of the UK’s first Water Jet Cutting system in 1991. Since then Water Jet Cutting has grown substantially and now all 5 Gee divisions operate from a 62,000 sq.ft site in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Our Graphite & Gasket Division offers a wide range of sheet materials in a variety of high purity foils and a wide range of laminates including nickel, stainless steel tanged stainless steel and polyurethane. We produce flexible graphite gaskets, gaskets of other materials including PTFE, rubber, cork, mica, non-asbestos fibre and paper, plain & corrugated tapes, die formed rings, braided packing, packing sets, spiral wound filler materials & gaskets along with other sealing solutions.

An extensive range of graphite foils and gasket materials are held in stock, and converted in-house to satisfy a wide range of applications across many industries.

With a history of solving application based problems from cryogenic to elevated temperatures and vacuum to high pressures, Gee Graphite continue to supply high quality products in a wide range of materials to customers globally.