Gerhard Weber Kunststoff – Verabeitung GmbH

Gerhard Weber Kunststoff – Verabeitung GmbH

About this exhibitor

Plastic technology with history Gerhard Weber Kunststoff-Verarbeitung GmbH has been established on the market for 50 years as a manufacturer of plastic containers and apparatus for storing chemicals and handling aggressive media. For tank construction made of GRP composites as well as thermoplastic sheet materials and winding tubes, our customers choose from a broad portfolio: from round and rectangular containers to security pallets and collection troughs for storing hazardous substances, exhaust air cleaning systems, filling stations, dosing systems and silos.

The use of our plastic containers and systems is carried out in a wide variety of industries: Automotive industry, biogas plants, chemical industry, anodizing plants, energy technology, electroplating plants, sewage treatment plants, composting plants, agriculture, food industry, paper production, pharmaceutical industry, recycling technology, environmental technology, pretreatment plants, water treatment, and much more.

Today, the company is family-run for the second generation. Our main location in Minden forms the parent company of the “Weber Group”. What began 50 years ago has, over time, grown into a group of over 500 employees with two production sites (D, PL). Over the years, our product range has adapted to the needs of the market and has been expanded through further subsidiaries and participations as well as product divisions and distribution partners.