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Glassflake Ltd

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Glassflake Ltd is a world leader in the manufacture of glassflake; an engineered, performance enhancing additive. Glassflake is a platelet material, of high aspect ratio; controlled by manipulation of the thickness and diameter of individual flakes. Glassflake Ltd uses an innovative manufacturing process which has enabled accurate control of glass composition and the production of thinner flake (as low as 100nm), with uniform thickness and exceptional consistency. Flake is typically produced from 4 core glass formulations, though specific glass types can be formulated to accommodate customer requirements. The broad range of standard grades coupled with the capacity to manufacture tailored products allows our customers to improve both their products and processes.

  • Increased permeation resistance
  • Improved abrasion and ware resistance
  • Isotropic mechanical reinforcement
  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Thermal and dimensional stability

Following an initial research project in the early 1980s to manufacture glassflake for anti-corrosive coatings, the development of the ‘spun method’ of production has enabled the material to expand into a broad range of applications. The Glassflake team is made up of a diverse group of material scientists, chemists and engineers, this mix of skills has allowed the company to develop an unrivalled range of standard products and to deliver innovative ideas to solve customer problems. Common uses of glassflake in industrial and consumer products include:

  • Heavy duty protective coatings
  • Performance lightweight composites
  • Specialist powder and wood coatings
  • Additive manufactured components
  • Aesthetic printing inks



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