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At Hunter, modular construction and blast zone safety go hand in hand. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, but with operations around the globe including the UK, we’re proud to serve as the industry leader for blast-resistant modular buildings and products that keep your people, equipment and overall operations better protected. A blast-resistant buildings manufacturer that began in 1999, Hunter was driven to design structures that could protect lives — and livelihoods — in industrial areas, conflict zones and communities impacted by natural disasters. Our company’s leaders didn’t just begin a business. With the launch of Hunter, they created an entirely new industry and as technologies advanced and our understanding of industrial safety needs grew, our offerings followed suit.

If you need modular buildings in hire risk environments, talk to Hunter who provide custom modular or blast-resistant buildings for both rental or custom purchase. Whether your operations require a ballistic or blast-resistant design well outside the ordinary, you require temporary structures for short-term work — or you have other needs entirely — your UK team is here to help.

Our team offer industry-leading assistance around the globe, while our strategic locations make for quicker delivery of your staged leasing units — and lower transportation costs, too.

Contact us today to learn more about modular Hunter rental options, custom or standard building options and stress-free site services.