About this exhibitor

Since its inception INOXMIM offers direct assistance and technical advice for the development of all types of large, medium and small-scale projects.

In the technical department, complex agitation systems are developed, selecting at all times the best design to guarantee a good mixing process. INOXMIM takes into account the appropriate consumption and mechanical performance factors for each application. In agitation and mixing equipment we offer different sealing solutions to ensure a good seal, preventing product leaks, gases, etc. The extensive experience and knowledge allows us to manufacture equipment capable of working with overpressure, vacuum, explosive atmospheres …

We manufacture a wide range of pumping equipment that meets the requirements of most applications in the industry, from centrifugal pumps to positive displacement pumps. According to the needs of the client, special pumping equipment, lifting systems, integrated joint pumping and mixing solutions, filtration and cleaning equipment, etc. are manufactured.

The company works with management systems and state-of-the-art software through parametric and fluid simulation programs.

We advise and recommend the contact with our technical office to optimize the performance of the equipment, develop new facilities, design of custom-made plants and above all, to provide solutions to the problems that arise in the industry.