Mitchell Dryers Limited

Mitchell Dryers Limited

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Finding the most effective drying system for thousands of different materials has been the mission of Mitchell Dryers for nearly a century. We design, manufacture and install solutions for customers around the world from olive oil processors in Spain to copper mining operators in Chile and waste-to-energy recyclers in the UK. Our products are found in over 100 countries and our expertise is valued across many industries, from mining and chemical to recycling and pharmaceutical.

At Mitchell Dryers our customers benefit from decades of specialist expertise. We select the optimum solution for your project from a wide portfolio and the customer is not limited to one drying technology. Our drying solutions can be supplied as single units, or with supporting ancillaries, or as part of a fully integrated system.

Maximising production and minimising the risk of unplanned downtime is a priority for every plant operator. We offer a range of service options to ensure our equipment remains in excellent working condition long into the future. Increasingly customers look to us for long-term service agreements to ensure the continued reliability and efficiency of their machines. These include regular service checks which flag any potential equipment issues such that preventative maintenance can be carried out in good time.

For other customers we regularly carry out site surveys and inspect ageing equipment and we also supply a wide range of spares, helped by an extensive archive which means we can trace machines back to their original manufacturing record.