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Motec - Control in flow

About this exhibitor

With nearly 40 years of industry experience, Motor Technology specialises in providing tailored solutions.  

At CHEMUK2024 we will be showcasing our range of Super Metering Pumps. Our innovative Super Metering Pumps (SMPs) redefine precision with ±0.1% accuracy, surpassing competitors by tenfold. The unique design of the triplex plunger ensures precise, pulsation-free flow, unmatched by others. SMPs cater to diverse needs, offering flow rates from 0.13ml/min to 235.6L/min making them ideal for for continuous flow chemistry, micro reactor feeding, spraying systems & super critical applications.  

SMPs can be offered as portable units, turn-key systems, skids or MPUs. FDA and ATEX versions also available.

Come and view the Super Metering Pump in action at our exhibition stand and bring your questions along with you, we are looking forward to meeting you. 


Motor Technology have supported customers throughout the UK and around the world from our wide range of motion control and flow products from trusted suppliers.

Manufacturers such as Keba (LTi Motion), Trio Motion, Axor Industries, Lenord+Bauer, Metronix, Fuji-Techno Industries, Tramec, Girard Transmissions and LAM Technologies form the backbone of the solutions we provide. From single components, to a full turn-key motion, flow or sensing system, we can provide the solution you need.

Our Products

Our range includes the latest in servo drives and motors, stepper drives and motors, HMI’s and motion controllers.

We also provide the most up-to-date precision planetary and worm gearboxes, precision couplings, incremental and absolute encoders. To add to this we also provide speed and position sensors, mechanical actuators, and high-performance pumps to the most accurate specifications.