Polaris Controls

Polaris Controls

About this exhibitor

Polaris Controls is a UK based manufacturer’s representative that is a specialist in Temperature, Pressure, Level and Flow process control instrumentation and analytical systems and products.

We serve the oil and gas, power, transportation, petrochemical, refining, chemical, biotechnology, plant engineering, automation technology, energy generation and nuclear industries.

Polaris Controls proudly represents SOR Group, Inc, Knick and Process Parameters. SOR is a global leader in the field of measurement and control with a willingness to listen to our customers’ specific needs and develop solutions to meet those needs. Reliable electronic measurement and control devices are of great importance for the industry.

The precision of the measurements can mean the difference in the market success of a product. In an industrial context in particular, only quality pays dividends in the long run. Signal conditioners, sensors, fittings and process analysis systems from Knick have been thought out in every detail from which our customers and their customers benefit.

Process Parameters Ltd manufactures temperature sensors, thermocouples, thermal imaging camera equipment, and platinum resistance thermometer selections (also known as RTDs and PT100). We’re experienced at what we do, and manufacture all of our products to suit our customers designs right here in the UK.