Premier Control Technologies

Premier Control Technologies

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Chemical industry product line including:

1. CODA Coriolis meters and controllers with extremely high stability within a small space envelope.

2. Coriolis meters up to 4” bore, ideal for high viscosity fluids and slurries, complete with dosing and filling systems.

3. Peristaltic, syringe and gear pumps for laboratory and industry.

4. Multivariate mass flow meters and controllers (mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature) that are fast, stable, accurate and offer 10,000:1 turn-down in just one device.

5. Pressure controllers that are extremely accurate and are capable of zero overshoot in both flowing systems and non-vented, sealed tanks and vessels.

6. Back pressure regulators for highly variable flow rates and available for extreme service applications.

7. Standard line pressure and cylinder regulators for gases and liquids; control valves, industrial regulators, steam traps, ball valves and instrumentation hand valves   .

8. Highly accurate turbine flow meters, VA flowmeters and temperature transmitters.