Schenck Process UK Ltd

Schenck Process UK Ltd

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YOUR WORLDWIDE CHEMICAL HANDLING PARTNER At Schenck Process, we are a global engineering leader of material handling systems.

We manufacture world-class solutions and high performing products, while enabling customer advancements through smarter, more efficient technologies. Core to our focus industries is Chemicals, which encompasses detergents, fertilizers and other granular-based applications.

PRECISE, RELIABLE POWDER PROCESSING SOLUTIONS We help chemical handlers, introduce systems that generate efficiencies for higher revenue, as well as achieving improved sustainability.

These systems range from precise feeding and weighing packages, pneumatic conveying, milling, mixing, blending and sifting technologies.

Our solutions combine decades of expertise and knowledge, to help clients overcome the challenges they face.

For complete peace of mind that materials and machines are perfectly matched, realistic tests in our Test & Innovation Centres can help determine optimum processes and ensure successful production results.