ScotCHEM – Scottish Innovation Pavillion

About this exhibitor

The Scottish Innovation Pavilion: bringing the Scottish innovation ecosystem to CHEMUK.

Together with IBioIC, ScotChem is coordinating the pavilion showcasing some of the very best chemistry-related innovation from our partners: The University of Edinburgh, The University of St Andrews (St Andrews Innovation), Heriot Watt University, and Drochaid Research Services.

ScotChem is the strategic alliance for the chemical sciences in Scotland. We connect sectors and broker partnerships between industry, academia, government, the 3rd sector and the public. Our activities are aimed at supporting and growing chemical sciences education and engagement, research impact and translation to drive innovation, and the chemical industries in Scotland. Together, our members deliver at scale, collaborate across sectors, and collectively build recognition of the value of chemical sciences.

ScotChem INDUSTRIES brings together the chemical industries in Scotland, providing a collective voice for advocacy and lobbying. Its Industry Leadership Group connects to Scottish and local government at the highest levels, ensuring a favourable policy and investment landscape. Through the unique structure of ScotCHEM, ScotCHEM INDUSTRIES connects industry to chemical sciences research expertise, cultivating knowledge exchange to deliver research impact, solve industry challenges through innovation, deliver employability skills training and grow the sector.

We promote and support Scotland’s chemistry-related industries, brokering strategic partnerships to address critical challenges. We connect the chemical industries with the Scottish Government through our ScotChem Industries Leadership Group.

ScotChem ACADEMIA represents the collective research expertise across all our university chemical sciences departments, which rank among the top in the UK. We support research, researchers and research networks, cementing Scotland’s position as a world-leading centre for chemistry discovery and translation. ScotCHEM ACADEMIA also connects the higher education pipeline between our colleges and universities and delivers industry-focused skills and employability training.

ScotChem COMMUNITIES connects with individuals, schools and whole communities, nurturing a more meaningful, holistic relationship with the public and growing their trust in and support for the sector. The focus is on enabling access and equity from primary school to university, maximising inclusion in the chemical sciences and STEM subjects more broadly, at all stages of education journeys. ScotCHEM COMMUNITIES promotes the value of chemistry, chemistry research and the chemical industries to the public and ensures that all citizens benefit from the strength and growth of Scotland’s chemistry research and industry sectors.

ScotChem Ltd is a public company limited by guarantee through which we provide strategic consultancy services.