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Signature Tax R&D Limited

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Signature Tax specialise in unlocking tax benefits in innovative companies.

We are a team of Chartered Tax Advisers, Chartered Accountants, and Technical Experts that focus on Research & Development (R&D) Taxation.

R&D Tax Relief is a valuable initiative that rewards companies in the UK for investing in innovative projects to advance their field. This can lead to a reduction in tax liability or increase taxable losses, and therefore involves significant financial rewards.

We have extensive experience in R&D specifically for the chemical and manufacturing industries as we have a team of experts within in this sector who fully understand your business processes and are able to consult with your technical team.

From our experience we have managed to successfully recover significant tax reliefs for a number of clients that were unaware they were eligible for this initiative. Even the smallest changes to ingredients, products, or processes could lead to tax benefits from HMRC.

Our clients in the chemical and manufacturing industries range from petrochemical processing, to renewable energy, to control & instrumentation who have been able to claim an average of £54,000 per year in tax benefits from their innovations.

These innovations have included:

– Creating complex control system

– Adapting processes for improved production

– Introducing newer technologies for improved operations

– Improving process efficiencies

– Producing products with an extended shelf life

– Developing new production methods

– Using new raw materials Our streamlined approach means that our technical consultants minimise your disruption, while our in-house Chartered Accountants maximise the benefits.

We adhere to the stringent criteria set in the guidelines, and we deal with HMRC directly to prioritise your business. Contact us today on 0333 009 0801 for a free discovery consultation and see how much you can recover.