Stoli Chem Ltd

Stoli Chem Ltd

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Design and develop scalable flow reactors to convert batch chemistry to flow.

Utilising over 15 years of experience in process design and catalysis, Stoli Catalysts work closely with you to optimise production efficiency.

Our Scalable Agitated Baffle Reactor (SABRe) offers a straight forward route to scale-up from lab to pilot to production scale, thanks to its design based around a series of Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTRs).

The modular system uses easily changeable inserts to accommodate liquid-liquid, liquid-gas and solid-liquid reaction types at various volumes. Independent stirring and flow rate allow for efficient mixing even at long residence times. Multi-zone temperature control and side feeding allows for cascade reactions and easy reaction quenching.

Visit or contact us to discuss how our technology can benefit your company and to organise a reactor trial.