About this exhibitor

Vapourtec is the world’s leading manufacturer of flow chemistry equipment. Founded in 2003 by Duncan Guthrie, Vapourtec has been at the forefront of the flow chemistry industry ever since.

Headquartered in Bury St Edmunds, UK, Vapourtec designs and manufactures the R-Series and E-Series flow chemistry systems that have empowered chemists worldwide to further scientific discovery.

Trusted by academics, chemists, and manufacturers worldwide, the modular R-Series system has revolutionized how many deliver the research, chemicals, and products we all rely on.

In December 2022, the E-Series flow chemistry system celebrated its 10th anniversary. This entry-level system made flow chemistry more accessible than ever before.

With an installation base of more than 600 systems, resulting in over 920 citations in peer-reviewed publications, we continue to support our customers across the globe with the world-class products and services with which Vapourtec has become synonymous.