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Woodford Corpus

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Woodford Plastic Fabrications & Woodford CNC Machining are part of the Woodford Corpus Group of companies.

Based in the North West of England our Plastic Fabrication & Plastic CNC Machining facility is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, and employs highly skilled fully trained technicians.

With 20,000 sqft of shop floor we can Fabricate & Machine a wide range of parts & equipment, from the smallest washer upto large tanks and vessels.

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Corrosion Resistant Tanks, Vessels, and Process Equipment.

Woodford Plastic Fabrications has at its disposal over 20 years’ experience in fabricating and supplying chemical and corrosion resistant equipment. We use the latest state of the art plastic welding equipment including sheet butt welders, hot air welders and extrusion welders. We have many solutions for your containment requirements, from straight thermoplastic tanks, vessels, and equipment to Fluoropolymer lined steel tanks, vessels, and equipment, including rotational lining for complex shaped equipment, we have the capability and the knowledge to help you with our corrosion prevention and chemical containment requirements.

Plastic pipework installation

We supply and install a wide range of corrosion and chemical resistant plastic pipework such as PP, PE, uPVC, cPVC, ABS, PTFE lined steel, Secondary contained, and many others. We have experience in working on Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Nuclear Plants, and General Manufacturing Plants.

* Examples of our Plastic Fabrication capabilities – Storage Tanks, Process Vessels, Anodising & Plating Tanks, Concrete Lining, Scrubbing Columns, Chemical Dosing Rigs & Cupboards, Fume Hoods, Manifolds, Pipeline Fabrications, Site Installations, GRP Walkways & Structures, Plastic Vehicle Bodies, Wide range of Plastics including; PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PVDF, PTFE, Fluorpolymer linings including sheet lining and rotational lining.

* Examples of our Plastic Machining capabilities – Routing, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Cutting, Thermoforming, Hot & Cold Line Bending, Laser Cutting, Water Jetting, Installation, 24H Call Out, Prototyping & Product Development, Assembly, Material Supply

We use the latest high quality Engineering Plastics including; Thermoplastics, Fluorpolymers, and high temperature specialty plastics.