Details: Thursday 16th September:

11:00 – 12:20, Stage 4

BioVale & Green Rose are showcasing some of the UK’s leading green and bio-based chemicals sector SME and start-up companies in this ‘flash-talk’ session. The presenters will introduce a diverse and innovative range of products, processes and services that offer greener and more sustainable alternatives for the industry.

Session Host: Hosted by Anna Zhenova, CEO Green Rose Chemistry & BioVale Member

 Featured innovations & representatives include:


  • ‘Sustainable chemistry intelligence to help innovative companies develop truly green products and processes for a renewable, circular bioeconomy’ Anna Zhenova, CEO (Green Rose Chemistry)
  • ‘Raw materials – redesigning basic oil properties for better performance of the finished lubricants’. Natalia Stawniak, CEO and Founder (Nuspec Oil)
  • ‘A case study approach to biodegradable, sustainable solutions for separating one entity from another’. Susan Brench, (Starbons)
  • ‘Bringing Biosurfactants to market’. Ben Dolman, CEO (Holiferm)
  • ‘Developing an innovative biomass fractionation process using low-cost ionic liquids’. Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner, CEO (Lixea)


  • ‘Introduction to Nova Pangaea Technologies and REFNOVA®’. Neil Hindle, CTO (Nova Pangaea Technologies)
  • ‘A revolution in environmentally friendly bio-adhesives’. Xiaobin Zhao, CEO (Cambond)
  • ‘Our vision to be the world leader in Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol ABE fermentation’. Mark Simmers, CEO (Celtic Renewables)
  • ‘Fiberight – the waste refinery’.  James Marshall, Commercial Manager (Fiberight)
  • ‘Bio-Sep: Clean and green separation of low-value wood chips and plant matter into high-value biochemicals.’ Miranda Lindsay-Fynn, Commercial Director (Bio-Sep)
  • ‘Developing novel approaches to the extraction of active molecules from plant sources for existing and novel applications’. Richard Blackburn, Co-Founder and Director (Keracol)