Details: Thu 13th May, 11.00 – 12.00, Stage 3

About: A Green Chemical Pitch-Fest with a Supply-Chain Twist – this 1 hr feature session will see a selection of exciting, ground-breaking start-up’ & University ‘spin-out’ companies presenting their innovative ‘green -chemistry’ supply chain solutions to a featured panel of supply chains potential partner organisations, who will assess and feedback their thoughts on what is needed to deliver a product at commercial scale that addresses core industry needs.

‘Pitchfest’ innovators already confirmed include:

Lixea Limited – offering a proprietary process enabling use of any type of woody material for large-scale production of bio-derived materials, chemicals and fuels.

Starbons Limited – offering a biobased material, which is processed to tailor its surface area for adsorption, desorption or chemical reactions.

Holiferm – holistically improved fermentation technology for massive economic improvements, applicable to a range of lipids and already demonstrated with biosurfactants.