Details: Thursday: 14.30 to 15.30, Stage 4

In this feature session, expert members of GAMBICA, the trade association for lab equipment suppliers, will offer step by step advice on how to minimise waste in key areas that matter to the chemical industry; minimising use of energy and raw materials and reducing embodied carbon and waste.

Drawing on expertise from around the globe, the speakers will explain how they are responding to the chemical industry’s drive to transform research and development to focus on waste minimisation. They will each present on particular aspects of waste minimisation for 10 minutes then will have a debate on the barriers to waste minimisation and how they can be overcome.

Panel Host: Jacqueline Balian – Head of Laboratories Sector, GAMBICA

Featured Sessions & Panellists:

  • It’s not all about energy (Martyn Fordham, MD Asynt)
  • Measure to manage (Steve Freeman, Process Instrumentation Division – Anton Paar Ltd)
  • Improving productivity and reducing waste by appropriate temperature control (Dr Paddy Delaney, CEO Huber UK Temperature Control Ltd)