Feature Session: The Green Laboratory (hosted by Laboratory News)

Details: Wednesday 15th September: 12:00-13:00, Stage 2

The Green Laboratory: Skills, Adoption, and Implementation of Green Chemistry for both commercial and environment benefits in the modern laboratory

Featured Themes & Speakers:

Session Host: Sarah Lawton, Editor, Laboratory News

1. Green laboratory technology: ‘How come other laboratories use less solvents than mine? I’m going green with envy’ – Dr Simon Osborne, President of Analytix Ltd

2. Green laboratory practices: How to extract an income from your commercial waste – David Hogg, Founder and Managing Director at Rejuvetech ltd.

3. Green laboratory skills: Teaching researchers how to investigate the greener synthesis of sustainable chemicals and materials – Dr Thomas J Farmer, Clean Synthesis Technology Platform Leader, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, Department of Chemistry, University of York

Q&A round-up discussion to close this session