Sustainability, Green & BioEconomy

The crucial themes of ‘circular economy’, sustainability & responsible care in chemicals processing and the demand for bio-based consumer & industrial products and green chemistry, are discussed at CHEMUK through a cross section of presentations

PANEL SESSION: Green Chemistry at commercial scale: is the future now?

This session will explore the state-of-the art with green chemicals from renewable feedstocks and/or biotech routes to production. With the help of an expert panel and questions from the audience, it will explore emerging commercial technologies and the economic factors driving companies to switch to the bioeconomy. How much opportunity remains something for the future and how much is already here – if only we took advantage?

  • Sarah Hickingbottom, CEO of BioVale (panel chair)
  • Dr Mark Gronnow of the Biorenewables Development Centre
  • Dr Tom Farmer of the University of York’s Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence
  • Lucy Nattrass – Project Leader Bio-based Materials, Nouryon
  • Martin Atkins – CEO, Green Lizard Technologies
  • Richard Lambert – Braskem