Key Presentations Include:

Key Presentations Include:



Exhibitor News Articles, Product Releases and Case Studies

Range of products, technologies & specialist services represented by exhibitors at CHEMUK 2019 includes:

Air pollution control system
Carbon Adsorbers
CCTV survey
Chemical compliance software solutions
Chemical industry safety equipment
Chemical label solutions
Chemical reaction hazards mgmt.
Chemical Recycling & Sustainability
Chemical Scrubbers / Fume scrubbing systems
CO2 degassers
Corrosion maintenance solutions
Decommissioning services
Drain repair services
Dry-disconnect & breakaway couplings
Dust explosion testing
Earthing systems/Bonding solutions
Emergency response support
Emissions monitoring solutions
Environmental Resources Management
Environmental services
Environmental systems
Exhaust Gas Treatment for Industrial Plants
Explosion Hazard management
Fall prevention systems & equipment
Fire Services & fire safety
Flame arresters
Flange integrity training
Ground engineering
Hazard identification and risk assessment
Hazardous goods labels
Health &Safety Training / Skills
Hose and Couplings designed for safer chemical transfer
Hose Asset Management Systems
Hydrostatic testing
Industrial trade effluents solutions
Joint integrity training & management
Labelling solutions to the chemical sector
Loading platforms and safety equipment
Metal and graphite rupture disks.
Mobile and fixed fire protection services
Nox abatement, h2s odour removal
Open Channel Flow Measurement ‘Flumes and Weirs’
Plant Asset Management
PPE & chemical safety equipment
Pressure Relief solutions
Process safety mgmt & monitoring s’ware
Process safety testing
Regulation & REACH consultancy
Safe Tanker Access
Safety Cage systems
Safety devices & systems
Safety equipment and ATEX hire
Safety Intelligence
Safe handling of hazardous fluids
Safe storage and transportation of chemicals
Spills prevention & containment
Static grounding protection
Tank cleaning & vacuumation
Tank protective coatings
Tank Storage & Process Safety
Turnkey odour control systems
Vehicle & Storage identification
Waste Management solutions
Waste water flow measurement and sampling solutions
Waste water samplers
Wastewater treatment solutions
Water jetting services
Workforce protective containment