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3D Laser Surveying, 3D Modelling Technologies and a 4D Lizard Smart Hub Disrupt the Process Industry


The human brain’s ability to interpret data is greatly enhanced and much quicker with good data visualisation. Displayed on a tablet in an easy-to-visualise 3D model and PID format, our 4D Lizard Smart Hub connects A3D’s 3D modelling technologies to our client’s EAM system, with data captured via A3D’s +/-1mm accurate laser scans.

4D Lizard is customised to suit all EAM systems, uploading 3D models and PID files to the cloud via a common database and sharing with the client’s particular EAM system. And since our 3D models and P&IDs are built using Autodesk software, A3D can compile other sources of data relating to the displayed assets. This metadata is able to provide the complete identity of an asset including size, specification, manufacturer’s data and historical servicing information. These files now live in real-time.

Interrogation of the single source of data viewed through our 4D Lizard software allows client engineers to recognise failure patterns, and to predict future maintenance requirements and schedules. Traditionally, terminal operators will run with multiple software systems (finance, SHE, asset maintenance, works orders etc), with each system holding its own unique data for handling terminal assets. Over time duplication occurs, and each system requires licencing, training and hardware to operate and maintain.

Our A3D/4D Lizard management system eliminates such duplication – it is designed by engineers for engineers, allowing users to locate assets quickly and access data freely from different geographical locations and across different software systems.

As one of our client engineers commented, “4D Lizard has the ability to slingshot storage tank maintenance management into the modern day.”

Coming soon: We have other exciting ideas and developments, with augmented reality, integration with IoT systems, photogrammetry and AI for automation including deep learning within 3D modelling and their 3D outputs.




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