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Benefiting M&E contracts in chemical plants with modular steelwork and pipe supports


Pipework in chemical plants comes together with a high demand on planning, design and installation of pipe supports. This is where Sikla can deliver many benefits, designing & implementing practical, easy-assembled and cost-effective solutions to support the piping on-site.

Sikla have worked with numerous chemical companies including Ineos, Croda and BASF all around the world on projects for new pipe bridges, expansion tanks, effluent plants and many more. The siFramo system is so versatile, it can be used on primary and secondary pipe supports, big and small.

Planned shutdowns and maintenance work are vital to keep chemical plants running efficiently and smoothly. Sikla have the perfect tools for time saving from the very start with planning (SP3D and other plugins) or simply using easy-to-follow technical guide right to fabrication on or offsite. Offsite prefabrication plays an important part of Sikla solutions: supports supplied ready to be installed onsite, supplied as a kit to be assembled and installed or the full siFramo steel beam lengths are sent to be cut down as no hot works are required!

If any calculations or measurements are incorrect from the planning stage, Sikla’s SiFramo and Pipe shoes are easily adjusted on site with only one type of screw needed to create a shake-proof fastening!

In sum, there are no delays and the overall benefits to your chemical plant project design are clear:

  • NO HOT WORKS needed onsite
  • Fully engineered and off-the-shelf products
  • Shorter lead times
  • Technical Data
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Maintenance work and big CAPEX projects
  • Ability to cut on-site
  • Weight saving up to 50%
  • The flexibility of siFramo and pipe shoes
  • Easy assembly and installation (training provided)
  • Cut on labour costs and installation times
  • Containers can be used on-site to house the main components.

Check here the complete article on this topic, keep following Sikla’s updates on LinkedIn and meet the team at CHEMUK, stand D38.

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