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Solids Handling Pumps


Say goodbye to fluid contamination

Say goodbye to mechanical seals

Say goodbye to external flushing systems

Say hello to the unique new open impeller

Say hello to zero-vapour loss

Say hello to the new solids handling magnetic drive pump

It has long been known that magnetically driven centrifugal pumps are unable to handle fluids with any solid content as fluid paths get blocked rendering the pump unusable…. UNTIL NOW…

CDR Pumps have manufactured and tested a brand-new solids handling mag drive pump designed to transfer fluids which contain particulates removing the need for external flushing systems and mechanical seals. This in turn removes the risk of fluid contamination and still benefits from zero-vapour loss for hazardous liquids and can be ATEX certified for flammable liquids that mag drive pumps are best known for.

Currently available in Stainless Steel 316 or PFA Lined, the new X line pumps are a great choice for a wide variety of fluids. Featuring an Open Impeller, solids handling is increased by improving the flow of liquids and improved fluid channels reduce the pressure on the bushes resulting in extremely low axial thrusts. On the PFA-Lined XTN pump, the shaft and impeller or manufactured from one piece of steel and lined with PFA so there are no joints, welding or threaded connections. The bushes have been produced with diamond-coated SSIC with generous fluid channels for optimal fluid circulation. An isolation shell in Hastelloy C minimises eddy-current with the option to upgrade to Zirconium Oxide for increased abrasion resistance and the XTN PFA-Lined pump it has been manufactured in two parts, the wet-end parts are lined for high chemical resistance and reinforced with carbon fibre for increased strength and durability.

The X-type pumps were brought to a reality when a long-standing customer approached CDR in 2015 because wanted the reliability and efficiency of a mag drive pump but their application wasn’t suitable. Three years in the making, this pump is the first of its kind on the market and we will be bringing an operational pump to CHEMUK so you can see first-hand the improvements that have been made.

You can find out more information and view performance curves at

To see the new XTS stainless steel solids handling mag drive pump for yourself, visit CDR Pumps at CHEMUK


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