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Pump and Dosing Solutions – Challenging applications are our specialty


Environmental issues, cost reduction, ROI of your process, consistent high quality are all reasons why companies should monitor their production efficiency. In cases where pumps or dosing systems are applied, Suurmond can support you to reach your goals.

Since 1974, Suurmond has been active in the processing industry, designing and manufacturing sustainable and custom made solutions for demanding processes. Our solutions are mostly based on reliable gear pumps but they all depend on your requirements and specifications. By thorough consultation with the customer, we can always take it a step further!

suurDOS® dosing systems

Suurmond designs complete systems for processes that require a highly precise and flow controlled solution. The dosing units can be supplied as simple pump / Coriolis mass flowmeter combination, up to fully independent operating units with control system and storage tanks.

Gear pump based dosing systems can be found in laboratories, pilot plants, liquid dosing processes for extrusion and compounding, continuous (micro) flow reaction systems and all other chemical processes where a reliable, pulsation-free and highly accurate dosing solution is absolutely indispensable

Precise dosing with gear pumps even for low viscous products

Gear pumps are perfect for pulsation-free flows. We offer solutions from µl/hour up to 2,400l/min! Even for low viscous products like solvents, alcohols or liquid gases. All pumps are designed for your process. Not only in relation to the materials used but also the typical operating data such as viscosity, temperature and pressure.

Another advantage of the modular gear pumps is low maintenance! Perfect for highly accurate dosing systems!

From batch to continuous process

The starting point of all solutions we offer is to improve your production efficiency [cost savings]. We can help you transform your process from batch to continuous and increase your efficiency. From low to highly viscous products!

Production of special chemicals and special polymers

To produce these special chemicals or polymers, dosing additives is often essential. Additives add specific characteristics and/or are necessary for an efficient reaction. Goals like minimizing the quantity of used additives, increasing the control of the reaction, or increasing the homogeneity of the mix during the whole process, can only be achieved with a pulsation-free and highly accurate dosing of additives. Processes are very sensitive to the quantity and the continuity of the dosing. Especially with the new trend of continuous flow reactions.

What makes our products special?

• Highly accurate <0.1%
• High degree of reproducibility
• Flow from microliter per hour to < 2,400 l per minute
• Temperatures by default to 320 °C
• Differential pressures up to 200 bar
• Viscosity of 0.1 to 4,000,000 mPas
• Single fluid and multi fluid dosing solutions!
• Free choice components

Come to CHEMUK in Harrogate!

We offer bespoke solutions for bespoke applications and are more than happy to discuss high quality, efficient, reliable and future proof options for your specific process. Let’s talk in our booth!

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