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Cen-Stat Static Grounding Clamps, Cables and Reels


Static grounding systems like the Earth-Rite® range combine interlock control and visual indication to verified ground connection points and offer the highest levels of protection over electrostatic ignition risks. However, equipment specifiers may select passive grounding devices, like single pole clamps, to earth and bond plant equipment.

When flammable or combustible products are being handled and processed in hazardous areas it is essential to specify certified equipment that will protect personnel from sources of electrostatic ignition.

Static earthing clamps that combine ATEX & Factory Mutual approvals are rigorously tested and certified to ensure they are capable of dissipating static charges from potentially charged equipment. This is especially significant when the equipment can be covered in coatings, product deposits or rust that is capable of preventing the clamp from making low resistance electrical contact with the equipment to be earthed.

Establishing a solid electrical connection can only be achieved by penetrating any connection inhibitors like coatings, product deposits and rust. Factors like this will impede the dissipation of static charges from the object to earth if the clamp is not capable of penetrating them and making a connection to the base metal of the container or vessel. Once a strong connection is established, it is vital that this connection remains constant for the duration of the process operation.

ATEX certification ensures there are no sources of mechanical sparking, like thermite reactive materials such as aluminium, or sources of stored mechanical energy, present in the construction of the clamp.

Factory Mutual approved clamps undergo a series of mechanical and electrical tests to ensure they can function as reliable static earthing clamps in EX / HAZLOC areas.

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