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Drum Pumps


Empire’s Drum Pumps provide efficient and reliable transfer of aggressive chemicals safely. Our extensive product range includes materials of construction from polypropylene, PVDF and stainless steel. The pump technology is specifically designed with operator usability being the paramount factor. The electric drive motor is manufactured with a variable speed controller providing the option of a slow start up, reducing the potential dangers of chemical splash back.

Our comprehensive range includes ATEX approved pump ends and motors suitable for dispensing flammable solutions. The drum pumps are suitable for operation with both acidic and alkaline solutions. Typical chemicals to be transferred would be hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric acids and caustic, chlorine alkali. We offer equipment packages such as pump end and motor
only, a complete package system inclusive of petrol nozzle and flexible hose or electronic batch controller systems.

The Drum Pump ends are manufactured in various lengths from 700mm to 1800mm, ensuring a pump is available for all chemical transfer applications. A standard 1000mm pump end would be used to transfer chemicals from 200 litre barrels, 1200mm pump length for Industrial Bulk

Containers (IBC’s) and 1500mm aiding the transfer of solutions from deep process tanks. Electric 240v, 110v and air motor drives are available.

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