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Glassflake is a world leader in the manufacture of glassflake; an engineered, performance enhancing additive. Our innovative manufacturing process enables accurate control of glass composition and flake morphology, creating an impervious physical barrier to moisture/gas permeation which can enhance fire retardancy, chemical resistance, isotropic dimensional stability, thermal stability, abrasion resistance and Young’s Modulus for protective coatings and engineered plastics.

Our manufacturing process allows for the production of Nanoflake®, as low as 100nm thickness. Enhanced performance can be achieved at significantly lower flake loadings; the high surface area leads to improved mechanical properties.

Advances in product experience and knowledge at Glassflake have led to successful developments in a variety of new industries, such as powder coatings, 3D printing, flexible packaging and cookware coatings.

Due to the exceptional consistency and optical clarity, glassflake is used as a substrate to create Moonshine® effect pigments. Key features include high transparency for pearlescent interference, super shimmer effects and extraordinary gloss. Furthermore, our commitment to supply the highest quality products for the cosmetics industry has led to the development of Puraflake®; a cosmetic borosilicate filler with exceptionally low heavy metal content, engineered to create a soft skin feel.

Our new GF001-10 product was officially launched in July 2019; the product offers many of the performance benefits of traditional glassflake, now suitable for a range of novel applications such as printing inks and coil coatings.

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