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Have you heard?! Tapflo’s Low Energy Air Pump has once again knocked competitors out the park!


Our LEAP Technology, designed here in the UK by our very own Technical Director Colin Wreyford, is revolutionary in the world of Diaphragm pumps, allowing pump users to lower their energy costs and pump products from as little as 0.2 Bar!

In late 2018, Tapflo supplied a large ceramic manufacturer with a TC420 ANN (Low Energy Aluminium Diaphragm Pump). The customer put LEAP to the test against a leading American Diaphragm Pump brand to compare air consumption and flow rate.

Both pumps were supplied with 2 Bar of air, and the results speak for themselves! Tapflo’s LEAP Technology consumed only 0,103 Nm3/min, compared to 0,167 Nm3/min consumption by our competitor.

Due to these results, the customer has decided to swap out 40 of their current Diaphragm Pumps for Taplfo’s Low Energy Air Pumps over the next 2-3 years, meaning they will see a total saving of around 60% – unbelievable!

Tapflo’s LEAP Technology comes with a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Ultra-low starting pressure of 0.2 Bar
  • Up to 70% savings on energy consumption
  • Impossible to stall
  • Noise reduction, easy maintenance

…and many, many more! Want more information on LEAP? Check out the video below where Tapflo UK’s Sales Director, Luke Barnes, presents a demo of LEAP runs through the benefits!


Do you want to save money? Visit our website to see if your Diaphragm Pumps are costing you too much!

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