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Latest product innovation revolutionizes the use of tap closures


With its latest product innovation BERICAP, one of the world’s leading plastic closure manufacturers, is underlining its role as an impulse-generating player in the market. A new video available on YouTube and YOUKU shows the most outstanding advantages of the new SK60/31 MAB MDR TAP closures.


“With our SK60/31 MAB MDR TAP closure system we developed a safe, convenient and time-saving capping system without contamination that fits most DIN 60 necks”, explains Jörg Thiels, Member of the BERICAP Group board. “It significantly simplifies the use of tap closures and is one example of successful research & development efforts at BERICAP.”

While the usual DIN 60 tap closures on the market are only ready to use after four complicated steps are performed – unscrew, drill to access the orifice, re-screw and screw-in the tap – and are therefore rather inconvenient, unclean and complicated, BERICAP’s innovative closure system is absolutely easy to handle. Just one simple step has to be taken to make products with a BERICAP closure ready for use. It is no longer necessary to remove the closure to apply the tap, and no additional tools are required. The protective membrane breaks without falling into the filled product when the tap is applied. Since the closure does not come into contact with any other items like a drill, the closure and the filled product remains absolutely clean and hygienic.

The closure is suitable for most DIN 60 neck finishes and allows an efficient capping process. Since it is also possible to use it as a standard closure, it can be considered a 2in1 closure solution. Naturally, it passes UN approval tests and is as well-suited for the food sector. Furthermore, a tamper-evidence band is included.

BERICAP is well-known for caps and closures that surpass the usual packaging solution standards. “One major focus of BERICAP’s R&D efforts is consumer convenience, while fulfilling customers’ expectations regarding high-performance packaging”, Thiels explains. “This is one important reason for BERICAP to invest several mil EUR per year for product development, research and improving the production process.”

The video on YouTube and YOUKU showing the main product features is part of a new video series about product highlights at BERICAP. The videos show the main product features, presented in an animated way rendering the product-unique propositions easily and quickly comprehensible. More information about one of the biggest closure ranges in the markets can be found online at and in our BERICAP CapFinder.

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