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Magnetic Coupled Pumps


Empire Pump’s EPM range of Magnetic Coupled Pumps are manufactured from polypropylene and PVDF thermoplastic materials. The pump technology is specifically manufactured for operation with corrosive chemicals associated with many industries. The design is unique given no seals are used to give the closed solution pump containment. The pump is operated by a synchronisation of magnetic forces from a drive magnet, connected to an electric motor and the pump impeller positioned inside the pump. The assembly of the pump is simple and requires very little maintenance.

Empire Pumps range of Magnetic Coupled Pumps have high tolerances, with no close touching parts between the pump impeller and suction casing. This gives an advantage when transferring solutions which have very fine particles present and liquids which can be prone to crystallisation.

The EPM range has a limited run dry capability and can achieve flow rates between 0 and 850 l/min.

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