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Magnetic Coupling Conversion Kits


UK Flowtechnik supply Magnetic Coupling Conversion Kits that can convert a pump or mixer/agitator with a mechanical seal and standard coupling into a permanent hermetically sealed unit for leak-free transmission

If leakage or the risk would cause major issues with your system or site a Magnetic
could well be the best solution. Traditional sealing methods such as packing, lip & mechanical seals on rotating equipment have their clear benefits, but also their limitations and will always require an element of maintenance and eventual replacement.

Although we can offer a simple 3-piece mag-coupling, by also being able to offer the complete Conversion Kit manufactured by DST, we are able to provide all of the parts to convert most Pumps, Compressors, Vacuum, Blowers, Agitators & Mixers of standard design fitted with a traditional seal arrangement to that of a Magnetic Coupling.

What differentiates us (UK Flowtechnik & DST) is our ability to be flexible to what the
customer wants, with a range of materials, magnets and designs – standard or bespoke solutions to suit.

We will be exhibiting our range of Magnetic Couplings & Kits at the CHEMUK Expo.


<1 – 2000 Nm


Conversion kits consist of all elements required to connect your motor to your pump.


  • Compact design, contained within a Bell Housing
  • Varying torque options in varying sizes
  • Reduced load at the motor and optional pump bearings (if required)
  • No Cooling’ options via non-metallic Canister material options
  • Existing pipe systems may remain unchanged

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