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Methyl Triflate and Trimethylsilyl Triflate


Special substances need special know-how. Renowned companies already benefit from our experts knowledge – in pharmaceutical, manufacturing and high-tech industries.

abcr R&D Services & Production – your partner for complex organic and fluoro organic compounds. abcr is offering wide range of triflates derivatives at different stages of development, all of which we can produce on commercial scale. The leading material – Methyl trifluoromethanesulphonate – was successfully scaled up and is available in ton quantities from our production facility abcr Labs.

abcr R&D Services – your partner for:

■ Process development and optimization

■ Product development

■ Elaboration of described synthesis pathways

■ R&D and Kilo Lab, Pilot Plant and Commercial plant up to 8,000 l

■ Contract manufacturing according to your specifications

■ Scale-up and toll manufacturing from gram to tons

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