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MHT Technology’s new solution will make you question using paper-based checklists


 Imagine the worst day at work you could have as a terminal operator. You might transport your product to an incorrect location, send the wrong product to a customer, offload a product into an incorrect tank, or dispatch a product that doesn’t belong to your customer. All these errors have jeopardised your company’s reputation, cost thousands of pounds and damaged expensive equipment. Such errors are uncommon, but they do happen. When using paper-based checklists for workplace procedures there is an inevitable risk of human error.

Now imagine a superior and cutting-edge system that can eliminate these risks. MHT Technology has launched a new solution called ‘Safe Ops’ that digitises paper-based checklists, enabling operators to carry out their checks quickly and efficiently with an easy to use app. Transform your vulnerable paper-based checklists and harnesses your existing data to track and optimise your safety procedures with confidence.

MHT Technology discovered that operators using paper-based systems often became complacent using the same procedures day after day resulting in unintentional shortcuts being taken. This is particularly true where long shifts are involved, and crucial instructions could be missed from checks by tired operators. Although paper checklists are usually filed away after completion they can be misplaced, and terminals lack the tools to analyse data to enhance their operations further. This is where Safe Ops can help.

  • MHT’s app for ATEX certified Android smartphones gives clear and instant feedback to the operator, displaying a green icon for successfully completed checks and a red icon to highlight any errors made, providing the ability to instantly correct the mistake before the next stage.
  • QR codes can be added to signage around the Terminal so the operator can simply scan the QR code with the smartphone to check they are in the intended location.
  • RFID tags can be attached to physical equipment such as hoses, pumps, and valves to ensure the correct device is being used at the right time.
  • Checks against sales order data are presented to verify that documentation has been read and understood.
  • An optional final fail-safe is available in the form of an ATEX hazardous area Zone 1 certified physical controller. The operator simply presents the smartphone to the controller which then grants the permissive only if all checks have been completed successfully.
  • The smartphone app features several security considerations including PIN access, the ability to lock phones if removed from site, and encryption of data between the phone and server.
  • Provides Managers with data in the form of an Audit Trail to analyse day-to-day operations, allowing areas of potential improvement to be easily identified.

Safe Ops is flexible with your existing system and cost-effective to run. Futureproof your terminal with Safe Ops. Get in touch with MHT Technology today to arrange a free demonstration and discover how the Safe Ops solution can benefit you. Alternatively, come and talk to us at the TSA exhibition at the end of September or ChemUK in 2020.

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