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New oil-free process-scale vacuum system with energy efficient drive solutions


The VAC 24seven product line is a chemically resistant modular vacuum system.

The pump modules are available in two different speed controlled versions: 5 mbar or 70 mbar vacuum. Using 3 pump modules, a pumping speed of up to 120m³/h can be obtained. At the heart of every pump module are two variable speed chemistry diaphragm pumps. A control module takes care of the vacuum control and the demand-oriented speed control. Depending on requirements, up to three pump modules can be simply and economically combined with a single control module.This new combination option brings the outstanding properties of VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps from the laboratory into the process environment.

VAC 24seven – combining reliable technology with economy.

Picture: VAC_24seven_Frontal_WEB_pumpstand_beschriftet.psd_1500px

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