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PF-Detect – The First Leak Detectable Chemical Dosing Hose



  • All the advantages of the ProtectaFlex product with the added benefit of a leak detection system.
  • Know the minute your dosing system has any problems.


FT Pipeline Systems is proud to offer the very latest generation of dual containment hose –

PF-Detect. This hose offers all the obvious advantages of the ProtectaFlex product with the added benefit of a leak detection system. It has been developed for the chemical dosing market to further reduce environmental leakage risk and is already approved by major UK water and wastewater treatment companies.

If you want to know the minute your dosing system has any problems this is the hose for you. PF-Detect will sound an alarm, send a signal to switch off your dosing pump and give you the chance to get your reserve line working within seconds of a hose failure.

The fear of aggressive chemicals getting out into the environment, due to undetected leaks, was the reason behind the development of dual containment hose. With PF-Detect this fear can be almost eradicated! The leak detection system only requires a minimal amount of liquid to trigger the alarm and shut off procedure, with the leaked liquid contained by the versatile polyurethane jacket.

With attractive per metre costs and the potential to forego the expense of catch-pots, PF-Detect really offers anyone who wishes to save money, without cutting corners, a most exciting opportunity to put in the very latest system available.

Features & Benefits

  • Hoses can be wired direct into the rig or SCADA for instant shut-off and alarm.
  • Immediate visual & audible alarm once system triggered by either chemical leak or system cable failure (when used in conjunction with alarm box).
  • Alarms not reliant on chemicals having to reach detection points or catch-pots.
  • Due to minimal leak potential PF-Detect can eliminate the need for mid-point catch-pots.
  • Reduced risk of environmental exposure as chemical escape is minimized and contained.
  • With no excess of chemical to clear up in outer containment hoses, clean-ups and replacement of hoses is quicker and safer.
  • Lightweight and reduced size, hence lower carriage and packaging costs.
  • Works with cost effective and readily available fitting.
  • Choice of inner tubes.
  • Each hose can be supplied, circuit tested and certified prior to dispatch with point of application end assembled.
  • Supplied with simple to use inlet end assembly kit containing shrink connectors & connecting cable and an outlet kit containing shrink connectors & resistor pack.
  • Available with optional alarm box – one alarm box will take up to 6 hoses.
  • Easy to trace heat

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