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Small Scale Spray Drying


Plater Group – Small Scale Spray Drying

Plater Group has two Spray Dryer Pilot Plants and one small scale production plant that allow our customers to test the individual and unique properties of each product being processed on a manageable scale, prior to moving to our full-scale production facilities.

Pilot Plant Spray Dryers

Plater Pilot Plant Spray Dryer provides:

  • The collection of extensive scientific data regarding the drying process
  • Production of the first samples of actual dried products
  • Collection of valuable information before scaling up production with a full-scale Spray Dryer and associated costs
  • Increased confidence in the process, leading to assurance about potential returns on any investment being made at the customers’ premises

Plater Pilot Plant Spray Dryer Equipment and Services

  • Test facilities located in UK
  • Ability to process materials in small scale prior to any move to full-scale plant and large scale processing
  • Capability to run small batches on a repeat basis with no requirement for scale up if not required by the customer
  • Creation of sample powders, liquids and products for further evaluation by the customer or their onward customers
  • Experience in the development of new biological and horticultural products by providing tailor made low volume spray drying services
  • Supply of repeatable methodology for future spray drying
  • In house laboratory facility for testing powders for a comprehensive range of physical and chemical variables

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