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Press Release: Innovation in Action – Technology Showcase Challenge


In a new initiative for the final day of the 32nd IFSCC Congress ( Cosmetics Cluster UK Ltd (CCUK) and the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS)  will be co-hosting an ‘Innovation in Action Technology Showcase Challenge’.

The Challenge opened for entries on June 13th and chosen finalists will be invited to demonstrate their innovation in the showcase on Thursday afternoon of September 22nd and will receive a complimentary day pass to the Congress.

Cosmetics and beauty innovators who have the technology, engineering, or design solution that meets the needs of tomorrow’s world are invited to enter the challenge.   This is an opportunity to meet the cosmetic industry elite at IFSCC 2022 and show the international industry UK innovation in action. This is an opportunity to showcase early development work and find potential future investment or technology partners.

This will be an informal, interactive, hands-on session, where delegates visiting the area can experience the sensorial and visual aspects of the innovation and discuss the special features in person with the entrants. One entry will be selected to be the overall Challenge winner on the day.

The challenge spans everything from ‘Research to Retail’ and whilst we anticipate many entries will be pre-launch, we would also welcome new launches where the entrants have introduced a new technology, design or manufacturing process that can be demonstrated to best meet the future needs of the cosmetics industry.

Selecting entrants to be invited to the Showcase on Sept 22nd will be Panel 1, led by Dr Gill Westgate (CCUK) and judging on the day will be Panel 2, led by Dr Katerina Steventon (CCUK).
Panels will include eminent representatives from the industry.

Entries should demonstrate innovation in cosmetic products and/or technology or a novel facet of design or production engineering. Innovations that are not suitable for tabletop space can be entered via other formats such as digital media.

Types of entries which will be considered:

  • A new formulation format offering a significant new benefit
  • A novel product form or device with the significant novel technology element
  • A new engineering process
  • A product using artificial intelligence
  • A new method of cosmetic product testing
  • A new consumer product interface
  • A new material or concept for packaging
  • Wearable Technology (Smart Tech)

Entry Fee – £50

T&Cs and entry criteria are available at the following link:



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